Introducing Benchwarmers Marketing

We’re excited to introduce you to Benchwarmers Marketing, a spin-off of Hunt Creative Group, focused on the sports and entertainment industries.

Benchwarmers is the product of Justin Hunt and Matt Cooper, two former employees of Pacers Sports & Entertainment. Justin and Matt each spent five years in the Pacers marketing office. Justin managed websites, handling content planning, design and development. Matt was responsible for all email, mobile and social media communications. Though no longer working in a full-time capacity with the organization, both have stayed involved in the industry.

“We’ve each been doing freelance work over the past couple years since leaving the team,” Justin said. “It only seemed logical that we combine our skill sets to provide complete solutions for our clients.”

“We know the difficulties of working for a professional sports team,” Matt said. “No matter the talent level of the front office, most teams are spread too thin to accomplish everything in their marketing plan.”

That’s where Benchwarmers comes into play. We allow you to focus on providing a great fan experience. Meanwhile, we’ll hang out on the bench and help you achieve your other goals. We have the flexibility to fill the gaps within your existing marketing team, strengthening your overall product. Our obvious focus lies in providing products and services that increase your ticket sales. We’ll also provide support to improve fan acquisition and engagement.

We’re your Benchwarmers (except we’re actually pretty good).

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