Grow Your Business with Every Door Direct Mail

If you’re looking for an easy and cost-effective way to market your business in a targeted way, look no further than Every Door Direct Mail®.

You simply pick the neighborhood(s) you want to target, and your advertisement is delivered to every address with the day’s mail. No postal permit or mailing lists required.

Who should use Every Door Direct Mail?
Hunt Creative Group has designed pieces for restaurants, auto mechanics, construction and roofing companies and more (check some of them out here). Nearly any business can take advantage of the targeted marketing power of Every Door Direct Mail, including:

Retailers: Auto dealers, restaurants and pizzerias, pharmacies, clothing
stores, furniture dealers, flower shops, coffee shops, bakeries and more.

Service-based businesses: Attorneys, health-care professionals, dry cleaners, home-improvement companies, real estate firms and more.

What are the advantages of using Every Door Direct Mail?
One of the biggest advantages is that there is plenty of room for your message. You choose the size of your piece and can go as large as a two-sided 8.5”x11.” The postage rate doesn’t change regardless of the size you select.

Another advantage is cost-savings. Postage permits aren’t required – saving you the annual cost of purchasing one. And since you don’t need names or addresses, you no longer need to purchase mailing lists.

How do you get started?
Hunt Creative Group partners with a local EDDM printer to fulfill our clients’ campaigns from start to finish. That means we help you select your target neighborhoods, refine your message, design your piece, print, bundle and deliver to the post office.

Want to see samples, learn more about EDDM or get a quote? Email or call us at 317.840.3853.