3 Easy Ways to Optimize Your Website Performance

When we talk about website optimization, we’re usually referencing Search Engine Optimization (SEO). That is, how easily your customers/clients/fans can find you. But today we’re talking about performance optimization or how to ensure your customers/clients/fans have a good experience once they do find you. Below we’ll explore three easy (and free!) tools to optimize your website’s performance.

1. Check your site speed
We’ve all been there. The website that takes FOREVER to load. If you’re like me, you’ll do one of two things when you encounter a slow loading website. Either 1) you’ll quickly abandon the site in favor of a similar — but much faster — site, or 2) you’ll busy yourself with online shopping, Facebook or other time killers while you wait until you’re so far down the rabbit hole, you forget to return to the slower-than-molasses website.

Slow sites equal a bad experience for your users and a potential loss of customers for your business. To help you analyze the load speed of your website and learn how to make them faster, we recommend using Pingdom. Pingdom lets you identify what about a web page is fast, slow, too big, what best practices you’re not following, and so on. Try Pingdom for free here.

2. Decrease your file sizes
Large photos are one of the main culprits of a slow website. But don’t worry, there is no reason to shrink your beautiful images down to the size of a postage stamp. TinyPNG is a free tool that significantly decreases the file size of your images without losing quality. By selectively decreasing the number of colors in the image, fewer bytes are required to store the data. The effect is nearly invisible but it makes a very large difference in file size! Try TinyPNG for free here.

3. Check your links
Pingdom does more than just check your website speed. It also checks for broken links and to make sure all possible files your site calls are on your server (thus increasing your site speed). The easy-to-read reports are useful for expert developers and novices. Check out your site’s report here.

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